Business Foundations: Starting Your Craft Business From Scratch

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From Confusion to Clarity: Start Your Business Right, Step by Step

Starting your own business should be an exciting journey, not a daunting one. Yet, with the overwhelming sea of information out there, it's easy to feel lost, confused, and stuck before you even begin. That's where we come in.

Introducing Business Foundations 101: A Comprehensive Digital Master Class Led by Chaketa

With years of experience and a passion for entrepreneurship, Chaketa demystifies the process of setting up your business, guiding you through the critical decision of choosing between an LLC and a Sole Proprietorship. But we don't stop there. This master class is your roadmap to turning your business idea into reality, detailing the chronological steps to start your business from scratch.

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • A Clear Path Forward: Learn the exact order to establish your business presence, from securing a business address to applying for state recognition.
  • Brand Your Business Successfully: Gain insights on claiming your online branding, including social media handles and domain names, to set the foundation for your digital footprint.
  • Navigate the Essentials: We'll show you how to obtain your EIN, ensuring you're ready to operate legally and professionally.
  • Eliminate Confusion: Cut through the noise of excessive information. This class pinpoints precisely where to start and the sequence to follow, preventing unnecessary backtracking.

Why This Class?

  • Instant Access: No waiting for live sessions. Dive into the course material immediately and start building your dream business today.
  • Actionable Checklist Included: With your purchase, receive a comprehensive checklist to keep you organized and ensure you don't miss a step.

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm and Hello to Your New Business

This digital master class is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by the complexity of starting a business. If you're tired of sifting through conflicting advice and ready to take decisive action, this class is for you.

Don't let information overload hold you back. Join Chaketa in this transformative master class and take the first step towards business success.

Enroll now and start building the business you've always dreamed of, with the confidence and clarity you deserve.

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Business Foundations: Starting Your Craft Business From Scratch

0 ratings
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